Feral Cats and Trapping (TNR)

Being based in rural Cornwall, Feral populations are more abundant than in a City location. We have often found ourselves being called upon to deal with colonies of Cats, often by either neutering and returning or also relocating to a new area.

Feral Cats are often unhandled and have had very little contact people, so humane traps are used in order to capture the Cats in a manner that is both safe for the animal and person operating the equipment. Usually after a few days of acclimation to a trap by feeding inside without the ‘trapping mechanism’ being set, most cats will be confident enough to sneak on in for a meal once we are ready to capture.

Of course being feral, the Cats do not generally enjoy being confined in our care so we will limit their time with us by pre-planning a trip to the vets for neutering and blood testing. If all has gone to plan and they have been given the go ahead by our Vet, they shall be returned to a suitable location and settled in for a couple of weeks before re-release into the outdoors.

This initial confinement in a dog crate setup enables a Cat to get a feel for the general area, as well as an established food source in an attempt to convince them to stick around.

If you think your land or farm could do with some organic pest control, please contact us and see if an outdoor Cat may be the answer. All we ask is that they are provided with a food and water source and also a place to hide form the lovely Cornish weather should need be.
Healthy, fed feral Cats are much more effective hunters as they are not reliant on catching prey as their main source of nutrition, but catching things on a more instinctive/fun level. Of course not all Cats turn out to be as Feral as the first seem! We’ve had many Cats and Kittens over the years that may seem like Lions initially, that turn out to be proper little softies ending up in normal everyday homes. Our socialisation techniques, dedicated volunteers and lots of patience enable us to give these ‘semi feral’ Cats a taste of the good life in order to convince them living at home isn’t all bad! With this being said, NOT ALLferal Cats are able to be turned, it’s entirely dependent on the individual Cat as to whether it will accept human contact or not. If you require help with Feral Cats in your area, please call us and see if we can assist you in any way.

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